Tops: choose and wear

Tops: choose and wear
 Top - a type of women's clothing, sleeveless, which is worn on the upper part of the body. For the summer season clothes better than top, think hard. It is very convenient, comfortable and looks great. There are several types of tops.

Tank top - it's top in a simple T-shirts or thin-piece wide straps.

Hunter-top - a top that opens up the entire back. He keeps thanks strings on the neck.

Top tube - this top, which is very tight to the body and so well kept even in the absence of strapless. He is not above the armpits.

Corset - top with dense inserted plates, which closes the stomach and part of the breast or the whole breast.

The main thing - the right to pick up the top depending on the type of your figure. The girls with the figure "hourglass" better to choose tops that accentuate the chest and wasp waist, ie form-fitting model with V-neck. Ladies with the figure "triangle" need to increase the upper body. Select tops with sleeves "flashlight", frills and ruffles. The girls with the figure "inverted triangle" fit elongated tops with thick straps. Also select tops with smell. Figure type "apple" pick up a nice belt - it will emphasize your waist. Ladies with a rectangular type of shape you need to visually make it shorter torso. For this Emphasize chest. Also pick up tops with a high waist.

In style tops are divided into several categories: for free hanging, for the working environment and for evening events.

Tops in the style of casual wear in your spare time. Pick them out of natural materials that the body can breathe with an active holiday. Plain tops with ruffles wear to work. They go perfectly with both trousers and skirt. Bright tops with various kinds of ornaments and sparkles wear to parties. Also, they can dress in a restaurant when a reluctance to wear evening dress. Most importantly, remember that any chosen top should fit you, using all advantages of your figure and hide its flaws.

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