Tight black turtleneck in the wardrobe

Tight black turtleneck in the wardrobe
 Always be stylish, simple and romantic help ordinary black turtleneck. Undoubtedly, this piece of clothing is, in every woman's wardrobe. After all, in the women's turtleneck cabinet is one of the most successful clothing options. Because it is able to suit and complement and correct figure, if necessary.
 It is best to slim tight black turtleneck. But do not be zealous. It is unlikely that the woman "in the body," even in a black blouse, acquire shape models from the catwalk. But if you want to be able to emphasize the dignity turtleneck.

Turtleneck neckline or volvulus should be in every woman's wardrobe. And, ideally, it would be better if they would be few. Let one be strict, knitting, which is ideally suited to the suit, skirt, jacket. This variant with skirts and jackets brown, gray and other dark colors perfect for the office, business meetings and negotiations. Yes, in the off-season it would get out of the cold.

Going for a walk or on a romantic date? Then put on a black turtleneck and skirt any color scheme. Can not go wrong: black combined with absolutely everything. In addition, at any time you can add an extra touch to your costume bright jacket or cardigan.

If the top of your toilet, you chose a turtleneck with embroidery and bright finish, it can be worn as a skirt or trousers. The length "bottom" may be any: maxi, mini.

Excellent with a black turtleneck would look skirt the year, this option is perfectly suited for dining and social events. Especially stylish you will look if you are using in your closet various accessories - large bright beads, earrings, belts, attracting to itself the views of others.

Black does not mean - strict and boring. And turtleneck with transparent lace sleeves and trim - another proof of that. In such a turtleneck can also appear on the title of the evening and at work.

But we should not dwell on the strictly black. Do not be afraid to make their appearance in variety. Add to turtleneck various little things, necklaces, brooches, necklaces, narrow and wide belts, and your image will be irresistible.

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