How to change your image

How to change your image
 Image of a man, or else its appearance - that's how this person perceive the people around him. Very often women are not satisfied with their image, and they constantly want to change it. This task is not so easy, it requires preparation, patience, some investment material resources, etc. How did it change your image?
 First, you must understand what you do not like the old image. Having identified its shortcomings, select the direction in which you want to change. Take seriously to this difficult problem, consider all the features of your character. It is necessary to accurately and clearly understand what it is you want to achieve from your new image. What is its main purpose. Perhaps you want to stand out from other people, or to surprise someone, etc.

Based on the selection you have made, make a plan for a small change in your appearance. It is important that points of the plan were located as follows: the least significant change in the front ranks, and more global - respectively, at the end. So it will be not only easier to adapt to innovations, but also, perhaps, to avoid unwanted changes in the future, such as plastic surgery, stopping at the first position.

If you are not sure about the direction of your best to consult with competent experts. They are prompt, what image you are most suitable.

So when you're ready, you can begin to implement your plan into action. Some methods require a change in the image of a small amount of time to sell. For example, a change of hairstyle will cost you a half-hour hike to the hairdresser. For other methods require more time and, accordingly, patience and endurance. The most popular of these methods - is weight loss. There is no willpower can not do!

As a result, when the final desired result is achieved, you can safely start life with a clean slate. After all, a woman who changed its external image, start a new life, as the surrounding subconsciously perceive it as a completely different, new for their rights.

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