Winter sports suits, between prestige and practicality

Winter sports suits, between prestige and practicality
 Tracksuits today are not only specific clothing for certain physical activities, but also have become for many a very convenient way to casual wear. Although the rules of good taste is not approved, but it is becoming commonplace.
 Tracksuits put young mothers, going for a walk with your child, put women enter the "promenade", they even wear, going to the store to shop. This trend is common to explain the popularity of sports style worldwide.

Tracksuits modern type designers began to develop only after the Second World War. Then people realized that the suit is designed for physical activity should be comfortable, beautiful and elegant. Thus was born the "sportvsver" - clothes for outdoor activities, which later became extremely popular.

High-quality suit for sport consists of three layers. The bottom layer is a termotkan whose task retain body heat, but do not interfere with the skin to breathe. The second layer of insulation suit. Inexpensive sintepon - not the best option for this. It prevents the passage of air and a person sweats, and after a few washes it several rolls, and its thermal properties deteriorate. Therefore ideal insulators recognized eider or goose down. This is an easy natural material with excellent heat-conducting properties. The third layer is a protective synthetic fabric, which protects the interior of the suit from the wind, rain, snow, but does not prevent the exit of the human "steam" out.

There are many kinds of sportswear for certain types of physical activity: for skiers, snowboarders, for skaters. Some manufacturers such suits are recognized world leaders. For example, Japanese costumes differ careful forethought of all the details - from the cuffs and hood up. Their materials have excellent waterproof qualities are highly "breathing" ability.

In Scandinavia produce high quality sports clothing, balanced combination of different sporting requirements and global fashion trends. In addition, the costume designers reflect each product national motives.

Jackets, overalls, jackets, pants have long ceased to be people belonging sports, and have become an integral part of everyday wardrobe a huge part of the world's population.

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