Wardrobe for your figure type

Wardrobe for your figure type
 Every woman should be able to choose a wardrobe based on their shapes. We'll divide into four types and tell us what should be worn at a certain physique, and what to avoid.

Female figures are divided into a trapezoid, triangle, rectangle and hourglass.

Ladies with a view figures have wide hips, pronounced waist and narrow shoulders straight. The main rule for "KEYSTONE" - do not wear tight-fitting. Rounded shapes emphasize not much better fitting clothes. Flared skirt below the knee - ideal. If you do not like this style, you can wear a tight skirt, but it should pick up her elongated cardigan, tunic or jacket. Jeans better not buy wide and classic lines. They may be slightly narrowed or flared. Perfect and pantsuit. But it is necessary to bear in mind that the jacket should sit freely - this will hide flaws figures. Too straight jackets also can ruin silhouette. They hide everything bends and give fullness. Pants or jeans for women with a figure of a trapezoid is better to choose dark colors. Light blue and white pants will give a greater volume of the legs and thighs. Dark blue, brown, black - perfect colors. Top in this case will be bright. Tunics, shirts, blouses, choose plain, without large patterns. Try to focus on the chest. Deep cut podchernet your sexuality and divert attention from the broad hips.

With this structure the shoulders of women usually wider hips, so the focus should be on the waist and hips. This is the exact opposite of the "trapeze" and dress should be the other way around. The lower part of the figure can be emphasized by wearing white bottoms and a black top. Style trousers allowed anyone if he will emphasize the hips. Will look good trouser suit with vertical stripes. Horizontal strip of the same should be excluded from the wardrobe. The top of the suit can be form-fitting, with a V-neck and large pockets, which will emphasize the beautiful thigh. If you wear a skirt, do not put yourself framework. Large patterns, cell, bright colors will only benefit, and can be any length.

In this case, the shoulders and hips are proportional, and the waist is not very pronounced. Women with this type should abandon direct things that hide all the lines of the figure. It is necessary to give the silhouette shape, make at least some hint of the waist. To do this, you can wear short slightly form-fitting tops, dresses with straight neckline with straps. If you wear pants or a skirt, do not complement their belt. A color may coincide with the top of the bottom. Not counter the large patterns and bright colors. Also on women with a figure of "rectangle" excellent look capri pants. Shoes can advise on the platform or heel.

This type involves a pronounced waist and hips and shoulders are proportional. Women with a figure of "hourglass" incredibly lucky! They will look good almost any clothing. The main thing - to avoid broad dimensionless things - they will hide all of your dignity. Pants still preferable to choose rather narrow, with a low waist. Other restrictions do not. Any accessories and patterns! But, of course, around the need to know when to stop.

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