Thing with a history of: vest

Thing with a history of: vest
 Now T-shirt, sweater or tunic striped available in almost every girl's wardrobe. Vest is quite popular in the summer, and many designers include them in their collections. But this fashion trend has its own history.
 Vest for the first time appeared in the heyday of sailing ships. And often their own knitting sailors whiled away the time between shifts and calming the nerves. The first were colored vest, due to which stood out against the white sails.

Marine Fashion changes. In the early eighteenth century sailors banned from wearing the vest. On deck, they returned only in the nineteenth century, when the Dutch came into fashion suit with flared trousers, a blue flannel jackets, short pea-jacket and, in fact, the usual striped vest.

The famous Coco Chanel has left the world a legacy of many fashionable things. One day, resting on the sea, she noticed the French sailors, dressed in a form that inspired her to create her collection. For Madame Chanel vest quickly became a favorite article of clothing. She liked to combine it with both pants in men's style, and with a classic tweed suit.

Currently vest, available in the wardrobe of fashionable ladies, can differ markedly from the classical form of the sailors. Strip is allowed to be narrow and wide, if not vertical. Color bands may vary from the classical blue and black to pink, green or orange. Dresses, blouses, shirts, sweaters - all designers paint the famous strip and offer their customers.

Vest - a universal article of clothing. Complete its strict trousers or Bermuda shorts, and it will become your office form. And in combination with leggings and a jacket with three-quarter sleeves would be appropriate to look at the club. But do not overload your outfit colors. If you choose a classic vest in blue and white stripes, green refuse bags. It is not necessary to combine the striped vest with the same striped ballet flats or a hat - it will look ridiculous. Best would otherwise prefer to calm things plain and complement its image massive ornaments.

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