Painted Beauty: batik clothing

Painted Beauty: batik clothing
 Clothes made of batik - a great way to dilute your everyday wardrobe juicy and colorful paints. It looks organically and young girls and women in years. Sleek and lurid batik has won the hearts of many fashionistas, which is not surprising. Outfits from this tissue attached to the image painted charm and at the same time are not provocative. This clothing is timeless, it is always possible to look original and fresh.
 Batik - this is the generic name for all kinds of hand painted fabrics. The origins of this ancient art lie in the states of Southeast Asia. Now batik has spread across the globe. There are many techniques of painting, and each has its own history, especially. But in any case, a real masterpiece painted. Most often in the role of worker advocates silk fabric - a playful, lively and meanwhile quite durable material, which with a brush or tool applied paint. Silk fabric is supple takes her in his arms, and she begins to turn her into intricate patterns. Equally important in the creation of a mysterious color on silk has a hand and fantasy wizard.

Batik cloth can be easily turned into a dress of great beauty. Blouses, stoles, dresses, scarves, sarongs, sundresses, skirts, pants - clothes batik so easy to look colorful and original. However, this painted beauty fun is not cheap. Only one pattern on silk wizard can create for a few days, and then the thing because it is necessary to sew qualitatively. But wear batik's price. Buying it, be sure that you purchase a unique thing - repeat twice the same pattern exactly, is simply unrealistic. In addition, such clothing is sure to add flavor to the image and never get bored.

Bright batik dress is just perfect for the summer season. Lightweight fabric will allow the body to feel comfortable even in the scorching heat, wherever you are - on the coast or in a stuffy city. Rich colors of batik perfectly accentuate tan. Flowing dress on the floor of this material is perfect for social events. Unique fabric emphasize the seductive curves of the body and disguise its flaws.

Very popular among fashionistas are stoles and scarves made of batik. They can be bred in a duet with evening dress and suit to the office. The scarf can be worn not only on the neck, but also on the thighs, as well as in form of a bracelet on a hand. In any case, accessory batik attract attention.

Become an original and colorful easy - simply include in its arsenal of trendy clothing batik. No matter on what you choose - on the blouse, tunic or dress - in any case, the clothes will please not only you, but also passers-by.

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