Office dress code. Subtleties and rules

Office dress code. Subtleties and rules
 Not so long ago, in many banks, offices and various companies were introduced such a thing as a dress code. Someone is annoying someone angry, someone on the contrary - pleasantly pleasing to the eye, and some people think that it dehumanizes. Well - one way or another, but it is - reasonably necessary.
 To date, every self-respecting company dress code stipulates in the contract upon employment. This is - one of the elements of corporate culture, its basis, etiquette, which dictates not only the neatness of dress, but also the details that you have to take into account, going to work that morning. Of course, each company can have its subtleties dress code, but there are still a number of standard rules that apply to office clothes regardless of the name of the bank or the degree of importance of the company.

Business style involves first respect for the customer. Your clothes should not look vulgar, carelessly or flashy, garish. Went to work in a particular company, exclude from their working wardrobe cleavage, mini-skirts, jeans, transparent blouses. By the way, as a rule, office dress code assumes it is costume option (the skirt or pants) with a blouse or turtleneck thin dim colors.

Oddly enough, but still one of the rules, which is most often prescribed in the contracts - is that the employee has no right to come to work for two consecutive days in the same blouse. In this case, they should be relatively simple cut (without multiple frills, lace). The color of clothing also plays an important role: your costume can be blue, gray, black, brown, beige, it must be combined no more than three colors.

No matter what time of the year, women should be in pantyhose or stockings. Office dress code rejects open sandals and high heels. Perhaps the presence of jewelry, but - not massive and obviously expensive. And do not forget that, first of all, you should look neat: hairstyle, manicure, discreet, soft makeup, fresh clothes.

Do not worry - this is only sounds scary, and it seems that is not enough any means to keep your office wardrobe. Ideally, however, to adhere to the office dress code, you will only have a couple of skirts, trousers and blouses and a few divers. Moreover, today's leading designers around the world presented to society masterpieces business style, so believe me, even in such a seemingly boring clothes you can look elegant and attractive.

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