How to dress for prom

How to dress for prom
 Every graduate wants to be the belle of the ball at the farewell school. What should you look for to achieve your goal?

Of course, the main role is played ball gown. Modern shop offering a huge range of clothing for such celebrations. The dress can be short or floor, tight or lush, it all depends on your desire. You can also seek help from a professional seamstress. This has its pros and cons. Your dress will be unique and it is undoubtedly remarkable, because in life it may happen that your classmate will choose the nearest store is the same as your dress. In addition, any sewed thing always sits better than the purchase, because it sewn specifically for you, with all the features of your figure. The downside is that the sewing dresses take a substantial period of time, and try it you will be able only after completion of sewing. The fact that the dress that you envisioned, sometimes does not coincide with reality, which can be frustrating.

It is also important to choose luxury shoes. Everyone knows that every girl looks more feminine heels, but you can also afford a thick, stable heel or flirtatious tankette. Graduation held in the warm season, which means you can choose sandals or shoes with open finger, which is very fashionable. Here there is only one rule about which we should not forget: you can not wear tights with sandals! Other than that, feel free to experiment.

Neat clutch you just need. Pick up her purse to match to the shoes - it's the last century. Feel free to play with colors, you're so young! For example, the combination of a handbag with decorations, is appropriate.

Do not forget to take care of their hair and makeup. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it. It is not necessary to impose three layers of foundation. Firstly, on the street is warm enough weather that presupposes easy makeup. Secondly, you are young and beautiful, you have nothing to hide behind a ton of makeup. Third, the natural is always in fashion. It is important to note that the festive hairstyle, it is not always a bunch strazikov, brilliant varnish and colorful invisible. Sometimes even the most extraordinary loose hair can look great if they are properly routed. Of course, you can weave the ribbon or attach strands invisible, but do not be a "magpie."

So, dress, shoes, clutches, jewelry, makeup, hair - are you ready for the holidays!

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