How to determine the style of dress?

How to determine the style of dress?
 Having your own style of clothing makes the fair sex vivid, memorable and original. The main thing is to match the figure, lifestyle, and create a sense of comfort and confidence.
 When choosing the style should not be guided only by fashion trends - they are not suitable for each type of figure. In addition, trends fashion industry gradually become the property of one and all, making their owners are absolutely alike.

Try to start from the familiar to you lifestyle and daily activities. Girls spend most of the day at the office or do business, better to stay on the classical style, choosing for themselves those things that sit perfectly in the figure and are not cheap - a good fit and quality of the material can be seen immediately.

Catching informal activities, you can safely choose bright and unusual things in the style kezhl. The main thing - to know how to combine them together and combined by color. Even light summer dress will look harmonious with leather boots, if the latter will have the right shade and embossed mesh pattern. And if you add to them the original belt, your image will turn out bright, but harmonious.

Sports style for those who lead an active life, often and long to be outdoors and constantly on the move. Then sneakers, sneakers, jeans or jackets may be just part of the created image, very convenient and practical. And to make you more attractive accessories help.

When choosing a style, and guided to your figure type. Not all will suit light and short dresses or, conversely, leather pants or shirt. Be careful with the selection of colors. Thing wrong shade can ruin even the most mature style.

Determine the style of dress, try to keep him in everything - from casual wear to working. And that image has become more harmonious, make the appropriate hairstyle and makeup.

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