How to check the quality of mink coats

How to check the quality of mink coats
 Mink coat as many other goods in the shops, made by certain technologies to meet quality standards. But not everyone can claim to be a "good" coats: somewhere regret fur, somewhere was not drawn to the process. All these details can be found by using these tips.
 First of all, you need to pay attention to himself and his fur texture. Take a coat in hand; if the fur is quite thick to the touch, and the skin is very thick, therefore, the product of good quality. It is worth mentioning that the quality evaluation method is possible only when the touch allow comparison with other specimens.

Then look at the appearance of the texture of fur. Good coats are playing in the light fur (you will see how it shines). Move your hand "against the grain" - a quick return to the starting position pile also indicates the high quality of the product.

Take a coat in hand and shake, look, whether it crumbles. Ask the sales assistant, how long was brought to this model. Showered with fur is not news to the newly imported products. But if the mink hangs not the first month, you should consider purchasing it - or she was exposed to improper storage or fur is not the best quality.

Next, fully extend coat - lining should not be stapled to the skin. As a rule, even the most well-known manufacturers of mink coats are not sutured lining for the opportunity to assess the tanning skins. But you can always ask a sales assistant rip hem to check the quality.

Another important aspect is the fact that color fur coats. Try to push the fur with your fingers, and then look at its color. If the color of the skin is not white, but a color close to the color of the fur, the product was painted. This copy of the coat is best to leave aside for a moment.

Surely you already know that mink coats are made of pieces, the size of which significantly affects the price. The recommended minimum value is considered to be the part of the skins of 15 cm; if less, mink will not serve you for a long time. Pay attention to the connection of skins and joints. If they can hardly see in front of you and good qualitative model.

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