From what to wear fur leg warmers

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 Leggings of fur - is a stylish and fashionable component of the female image. This accessory is suitable for autumn and spring go out. Winter is also an excellent ensemble make sheepskin boots and leggings made of natural or artificial fur.
 Fashion for leggings came from France. This popular accessory for today had a special demand from dancers and athletes who use it to heat the muscles.

If the legs are afraid of the winter frosts, then the best solution is to buy a warm and stylish leggings made of fur, combined with different shoes. The main thing is to learn how to pick them up for the winter wardrobe.

Fur model, like others, can be combined with a dress, skirt or even shorts. Will look stylish this accessory to wear under capri pants, breeches and tight pants. Leggings complete with thick tights attract the attention of others and give them to the owner of warmth and comfort, which is so little in the winter cold days. Even girls can wear leggings under tunic and leggensy. And some of the most extravagant ladies combine them with a short denim overalls.

Choosing clothes, it is worth remembering that the additional colors too overwhelmed image. So is unlikely there will be appropriate colored tights. Also, do not add them to the decorative elements. Let spats will be a central part of the image. Wear models from natural or artificial fur is desirable with suede shoes, boots and ankle boots.

This accessory is suitable for almost all women. But there is a logical exceptions - the woman behind the 50 fur socks will look ridiculous. But the girl in cute socks and fur jacket-bomber - it fashionstar.

Although furry accessory visually increases the volume of the market of fur among the many proposals still possible to find a suitable alternative. Leggings of fox, fox, rabbit - Today the fashion industry is ready to offer an option for every taste. The main thing to choose the right model.

If a girl has not too long legs, then it is better to fit leggings with a smooth fur. Girl with slim and slender legs, on the contrary, do not buy the product, tight to the shin. Here you can afford and shaggy model.

Buy fur leggings affordable for almost every fashionista. After all, the price is dependent on the material that is used in tailoring products and on its quantity.

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