Closet pregnant woman

Closet pregnant woman
 Pregnancy and motherhood - beautiful stages in the life of every woman. They provide an additional opportunity to feel loved and cherished. Do not forget that in this in their own difficult period of life need to look beautiful and elegant.

Most of the women preparing for motherhood, working before the maternity leave, that is, until about the seventh month of pregnancy. During the first months, probably the pregnancy will not be noticeable to others. About the fourth month of the stomach begins to be rounded, and the problem of a new wardrobe is particularly acute.

The work usually involves some form of clothing. This can be jeans, pants or skirt classic style, blouses, jackets, sweaters, etc. It all depends on the particular job. However, these items of clothing should take care in advance, about the third month of pregnancy. Stomach, at least not yet visible, but significantly increased, and the wearing of trousers favorite can deliver discomfort. Shops for expectant mothers a wide range of special trousers, skirts and jeans. They are made whole as usual eye wear, but there is a knitted waist with elastic insert, which is regulated depending on the circumference of the abdomen. These pants, jeans or a skirt fit a good belly support him, at the same time without squeezing as during pregnancy is especially important good blood flow to all organs of the body.

You need to choose clothes for the season. The summer is well suited light skirt, shorts or light cotton trousers. Winter will be the ideal option tight jeans or corduroys. Especially good for pregnant women overalls. They are beautifully emphasize the rounded belly and very comfortable.

Completely change the usual dress code on clothes for pregnant women is not necessary. Surely there are things in the locker room free cut, which come up in the first few months of pregnancy. Now it is very common blouses of cotton with added elastane, which are well stretched, without losing its shape. Perfectly suited expectant mother blouses with high waist, loose down. In the summer it will be convenient lightweight sundress, and in winter - in a wool dress with long sleeves.

Need to think about clothing. If the end of pregnancy in the spring, it is better to buy a warm jacket or coat, calculated on a cold winter. Convenient and practical jackets and jackets with synthetic insulation. They have a special insert with rubber bands that hold the shape, allow the jacket fit well and at the same time never shake.

An important part of the wardrobe of a pregnant woman is underwear. Several pairs of panties support will not be superfluous, as long as they are made from natural cotton. When choosing a bra is better to prefer a cotton seedless. When choosing a bra should pay attention to the size, it is better to take a little longer, especially if it will be used during breastfeeding.

On cooler seasons need special tights for pregnant women who need to prevention of varicose veins. The doctor will recommend what class compression stockings suitable for wearing them during pregnancy.

Legs are the most susceptible to swelling, especially expectant mothers, so you have to give up high heel shoes, platform shoes and boots close with a highly tight-fitting top. Choose comfortable shoes that will not chafe.

Pregnancy is certainly imposes certain restrictions on the choice of clothes, but do not worry, because this short period of life can be elegant and feminine dress nicely, without causing harm to the health of the future baby.

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