10 things that should be in every woman

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 Fickle fashion makes its imitators spend large amounts on a monthly update wardrobe. Wise women replenish your wardrobe that only emphasize their style, but do not rush to extremes make every fashion show. This lady should have a certain set of things that in any season go out of trend.  
 Little Black Dress

Classic-fitting dress does not have to open your legs to indecent mark. The main thing that it sat on the figure and granted you a sense of comfort and confidence. This dress is suitable for business meetings, and for a hike in the restaurant.


The main rule in choosing jeans - give preference to high-quality copies and build on its type figure. They should sit perfectly and does not wear out after the first wash.

Classical skirt

Length just above or below the knee, black or dark gray, and narrowed down - here's to aspire to a lady who wears a proven thing.


Universal outerwear, suitable under the dress, and a business suit. You can wear it as a party, and to meet with partners.

Pumps with high heels

Black shoes with heels make a woman of seductress. They are pushing for a proud posture and head high, make a figure slimmer and sexier gait.


Irreplaceable shoe option for long walks and days when you want a break from the studs.


Selecting rich color of this article of clothing, you will be able to create different images for each day during the cooler seasons, at the same time pleasing yourself and others bright shade cardigan.

White blouse

Practical thing, which is combined with other pretty simple. Stylish white blouse will be your salvation in many situations.

Bag of good quality

A true lady should have at least one bag of excellent quality, speaking primarily about her attitude. Choose the most suitable option for you - volume business or miniature clutch.


They will need to complete any of your chosen image. Accessories, complement and enhance your style may be a conventional jewelry or jewelry. It is important that they are stressed your personality and make the image complete.

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