What should be the office dress

What should be the office dress
 Clothing in the office should not distract employees from the main work activity. Your outfit should be sufficiently restrained, disciplined you and all others severity of lines, refined simplicity and elegant color scheme.
 When buying clothes for the office should give preference to the severity of the lines and comfort. Ease of clothes will give you an opportunity to work quietly, without distracting or inappropriate drawing views. However, the woman at work must feel its charm and appeal. Therefore, choose the clothes silhouette which emphasizes the beauty of your figure, and colors in harmony with the color of your eyes, hair, skin, as well as with the rest of the entire image.

Undoubtedly, the most appropriate for the office is a classic style. Purchase a few suits both skirt and trousers, dresses, wallets, blouses and jackets. Note that you must carefully choose the clothes to underwear, shoes and accessories, as well as opt for optimally makeup and find the right touch of perfume.

Classic rules presuppose office clothes in the wardrobe of a business woman several costumes-twos in combination with classic blouses or shirts. Permissible to use thin knitted sweaters complete with skirts or trousers. Very elegant look with such ensembles handkerchiefs, refreshing strict, especially black and white clothes. Do not forget that in a skirt or pants, you must move freely. Avoid tight and short models.

Be sure to pull the proper place in your wardrobe white blouse. They are suited to any suit and appropriate for any business event. Pick also several color options for combining them with existing clothing. Prefer soft pastel tones, avoid large cells, peas, too variegated colors and color combinations.

To work in the office and perfect dress-case. It must be sufficiently closed, not short, have a calm coloring. Fashion accents, whether or drapery trim, add modernity to your image and revive your style. In addition, the dress is put in successfully combined with jackets, jackets, boleros and stoles that can be used on the occasion of the visit of evening activities envisaged in the life of your business and in your personal schedule.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of fabrics, of which is made your clothes. Well, if the fabric is not very wrinkled, easy to wash and clean. Conveniently, the suit or dress can be worn regardless of the season. Give preference to natural fabrics. Pay attention to the quality of welds products and their quality factor.

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