How to wear bright clothes

How to wear bright clothes
 Use the wardrobe of bright, rich hues - the best way to stand out from the crowd and cheer yourself up. Especially prized these properties are bright dresses in the conditions of our unfriendly climate. However, to look stylish in bright clothes, and not vulgar, it is necessary to learn a few rules.  

It is not necessary to simultaneously use the attire of some bright colors - they will compete with each other, distracting attention from the merits of the figure and beautiful facial features bearer. Much more effective juicy shade looks complete with neutral colors. Turquoise, for example, looks especially juicy in combination with white and flashy shades of orange and light green khaki stands mute.

Bright to be just one thing. Here you can forget about the outdated rule combinations of shoes and bags. Optionally, choose a red bag the same color shoes or boots - one dominant accessory will look noble. If you still want to put several bright things, let them be in a range of colors and are located nearby. For example, crimson tights in conjunction with shoes fuchsia visually lengthen the leg.

To bright detail kit looked less intrusive, it is possible to "cover up". Since yellow or orange T-shirt, worn under a jacket or light jacket relaxing shade will be visible only in part. This small patch of color enliven outfit, but will not be too flashy.

When choosing clothes bold hues to consider features of the figure. In the presence of extra pounds around the waist and abdomen is not recommended to wear bright, tight T-shirts and shirts, and heavy hips do not need further emphasizing pants eye-catching color.

As a rule, it is not necessary to combine the bright thing with a lot of large, flashy jewelry. This option may look spectacular on the dark-skinned, dark-haired woman, but the blonde with fair skin in a similar dress at risk or lost, or look vulgar.

In addition to the bright clothes requires at least minimal makeup, manicures and good styling. In the absence of these elements, catchy dress will accentuate skin imperfections and create the impression of unkempt.

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