How to emphasize the waist

How to emphasize the waist
 Often, many of the shortcomings of the female figure can be subjected to significant visual correction. Flaws can be smoothed without the intervention of plastic surgeons. Properly chosen clothes can work wonders.
 The upper part has to be the bulk. This can be done by means of visually enhancing breasts bra. He lift the chest and torso visually will look longer.

Make wider your shoulders increasingly using shoulder pads (in other words, shoulder pads). But this process must be approached sensibly and do not overdo it.

Form-fitting dresses, jackets, blouses with a wide belt visually emphasize the waist, to make it more visible. But if your below-average growth, the wide belt will make you even lower. In this case, use a thin belt or a silk scarf. Determine the thinnest part of your waist and tie up the belt there, if it is bright and contrast, it is also visually "utyanet" not too thin waist. Tuck on clothes - a dress or blouse - should be built taking into account the peculiarities of your figure.

The lower part of the body also needs to be more voluminous than the waist. Flared skirt suit or a trapezoid shape, a-line skirts are acceptable pleating, small folds. When it comes to pants, you should stop the election on a slightly flaring.

Preference should be given clothes of the same color from top to bottom and select it accurately to its parameters. Single color line constructed clothing, give harmony and clothing size profitable outline the shape of the body.

Opt for soft tissues, which are easily draping. They wrap around the body, and not bristle at it. Avoid sequins, rhinestones and transparent guipure. By the way, only two buttons unbuttoned blouse to make the fabric more tightly against your body, without creating the illusion of fullness.

Give up too tight underwear, because it creates the effect of "sausage dressing" on the body and waist lost. Correctly chosen better seamless underwear, matching clothes, significantly decorate the appearance of women.

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