How to choose sexy clothes

How to choose sexy clothes
 Every woman wants to learn the secrets of the soul seduction. Sexy underwear, alluring cuts on skirts and cleavage, can bring to mind any man - it's all very tempting. But it does not make the wrong choice overtly sexual clothing and learn how to pick up his wardrobe like?

First of all, understand that sexuality and vulgarity - are two different things. If you want to impress a man in their appearance, do not need to denude so that you took for Putana. It is enough only slightly marked with the help of your garments the most advantageous place.

Give up too deep neckline. Such clothing offers everything that you have, and men are more attracted hidden. Much sexier looks a cut on her blouse, which leaves a will for imagination. Choose those bluzochki that can be undone. Believe me, man, you saw a blouse, immediately begin to imagine how then loosened buttons.

Sexy Clothing should emphasize your strengths and weaknesses mask. If you have beautiful legs, you should not choose a supermini and think that it is very sexy. The short skirt is really excites desire, but if you want to look inimitably better act differently. The skirt can be very short, but should encircle your hips, clearly drawing a line silhouette. Such clothing effectively enhances the beauty of your hips, legs open, but at the same time, does not look vulgar or provocative.

Do not forget about the shoes, because it is half of your success. Any outfit, even the most sexy, can in an instant ruin Mismatched shoes. Wear heels, refuse shoes flat shoes, sneakers or platform. Thin pin visually reduces women's legs, making it more appetizing and elegant. In addition, when walking in heels changing posture, step becomes smaller and more feminine. And high heels gives your ass is absolutely stunning form, and it is very sexy!

Underwear should not be noticeable under clothing! If you still think that lace bra, transmission from under the blouse - this is the height of sexuality, you are mistaken. It is best to choose just such clothes, which will support the chest, but remain completely invisible. This way you kill two birds: to improve the look of their forms and will spend this manipulation so that everyone believed and were by nature. After all, the true sexuality, of course, not in his underwear, and what lies beneath it.

The main rule in choosing sexy clothes - it should you like. If you look in the mirror and do not feel any emotions, then do not buy what you are wearing. Truly sexy woman desirable above all by the fact that she madly like myself! Do not forget about it and will always seductive and desirable.

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