How to be an original clothing

How to be an original clothing
 More and more people no longer blindly follow fashion. To date, there is no shortage of branded things, so the girls do not just want to keep up with the times, but still be stylish and original in choosing clothes.
 Filter fashion trends. The girl who decided to dress unusually, should stop chasing all current models. Choose only what you like. Go shopping, look at a few options. Different designers offer variations fashionable things. Select the brightest of them.

Pay attention to the clothing typical of youth subcultures. Do not completely mimic their style of dress, if you are older than twenty, but some elements will look very appropriate and original. Shirts, so beloved hippie, gothic corsets, glasses in bright rims, which can be seen on the hipsters will add originality to your everyday look.

Be creative. If you are not yet ready to start knitting a sweater or poncho unique, try to make your own hands bracelets or necklaces. Fashioned brooch, tie a bandage on her hair. Such jewelry nobody else will.

Inspected in the grandmother's chest. Long skirts flower, feather scarves and flirty straw hats help you look original. The main things to be in good condition. Dirty and torn clothes no one will make more beautiful.

Do not be afraid to mix different styles. Put on a strict jacket over frivolous dress, combine "black leather jackets" with rivets with a romantic scarf, try with pencil skirt to wear a T-shirt stretched hooligan print. Of course, putting such experiments on yourself, you can make mistakes, but the result is worth it. In the presence of taste you get to dress stylish and very unusual.

Buy catchy shoes. Even the most boring casual wear will look different if you wear under her moccasins orange or bright green boots. Add accessories to match the shoes, and you will create an original, but at the same harmonious way.

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