Dresses of silk: trends of the season

Dresses of silk: trends of the season
 Fashion makes this summer chic gift for those who love freedom, comfort and femininity. One of the main trends of the season was the dress of silk. Every fashionista is now simply must get this dress. And best of several, because fashion welcomes silk dresses are different in color, style and length.

This year, the fashion world is marked by boho, the style in which silk dresses occupy an important place, especially in the spring and summer season. Long silk dress and loose hair, tapered thin bandage - the first associations that come to mind at the mention of boho style. This image has been created back in the 60s, the era of hippies. In 2011, the boho style is back, but with some new nuances: for example, it was more nobility, elegance and femininity.

Respectively, and silk dresses this season, too, acquired its own special features. First of all, they are characterized by large bright prints: wild animals, colorful floral and plant motifs, clear graphics and strongly expressed ethnic patterns (especially in oriental style). But plain dresses are in favor, while in special honor dresses are neon shades of yellow, orange, bright blue, bright green color.

Second, all of the dresses of silk lengthened to a maximum length to toe - it even briefly, welcome to the length of the floor to hide even shoes. For summer long dresses made of silk - this is a real must have. Nothing gives a feeling of freedom, comfort and femininity at the same time. Of course, remain and mini and midi, but supermaxi - still a leading trend in the length of the summer.

Third, in the texture of silk dresses appeared pleated draping, glossy and shiny surface of a transparent material. In a cut - raised waist and minimalist silhouette maximum simplicity, openness, and asymmetry.

This year's fashion recommends wearing dresses made of silk until late autumn. Of course, on top of them rely shortened warm jacket, bolero, cape, but better - a fur boa, which will give a bohemian chic, as well as high suede boots and gloves.

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