What vitamins are needed for women

What vitamins are needed for women
 A woman's body has its own needs and characteristics. Daily it needs a certain portion of the vitamins and minerals depending on what life leads to their age and health condition.
 The skin was healthy women, young and velvety, requires the presence of vegetables, fruit, vegetable oils and other products with vitamins A, E and C in the diet. Vitamin A enhances immunity and improve the mucous membranes. Its lack may indicate dry skin on heels, hands and elbows. Also, this vitamin is needed to happen right thyroid function and improves visual acuity.

For the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, it is important intake of vitamin C. In addition, it stimulates the metabolism. Contained in grapes, citrus, parsley and dill.

As long as possible to preserve the youthfulness of the skin, you need to eat nuts, sunflower seeds, cereals, vegetable oils. There is a sufficient amount of vitamin E. It is an excellent antioxidant that protects cell membranes from damage. But to this vitamin is well absorbed, the body requires zinc and selenium, which are in tomatoes, oysters, eggs.

Women who have moved abroad forty years, have their attention drawn to vitamin D. It promotes better absorption of calcium in the body, which is essential for strong bones. And in women after fifty years there is the risk of osteoporosis - bone loss.

Pregnant women, in addition to vitamin B complex that it subscribes to the local doctor, it will be useful folic acid. It is required to perform cell division, normally developed organs and tissues of the fetus. Also in the unborn child decreases the risk of heart disease and other possible defects. Contains folate in tomatoes, greens, liver, kidney, egg yolk, cheese, buckwheat and oatmeal.

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