What is dangerous excess drugs

What is dangerous excess drugs
 Showcase of modern pharmacy today is more like a supermarket. Bright packaging, branded shelves, advertising POS-materials - all this helps to attract the attention of buyers. Doctors prescribe a huge amount of drugs, supplements and vitamins, even infants. Therefore, a dangerous habit to swallow the pill without a special occasion is laid in early childhood.

In Western countries, according to WHO statistics, 42% of adult people every day are taking at least one drug. Russia is gradually approaching the same figures. Marketing in the pharmaceutical business uses the most advanced methods to increase sales of medicines.

In this case, the average patient describes a striking ignorance of pharmacology. The vast majority of those who often takes all kinds of medicines, is not interested in any of their staff or the main active ingredient, or compatibility with other drugs. Meanwhile, uncontrolled medications is very dangerous.

If any medicine is vital for you, it automatically creates a major threat to health. After you take it constantly, keeping your body in the right condition. You heal one body, but others certainly suffer. To minimize the risk, you should follow the instructions exactly a doctor regarding the dosage and route of administration. In addition, the doctor must inform you of the additional information. For example, together with certain medicines need to take drugs to protect the liver or the normalization of intestinal microflora.

Excess drug allergic reactions and fraught with side effects, which are generally listed in the summary. This may relate to even the most common medicines such as paracetamol. And the longer you take the drug, the greater the risk of complications.

By sharing a two drugs of different pharmacological groups will necessarily conflict with each other or with drinks and food, which uses the patient. In most cases, it goes unnoticed. However, there are several medications, co-administration of which can be fatal.
At risk - children, the elderly and pregnant women. It is this category often is assigned a lot of drugs, although their acceptance can be very dangerous.

Often the patient himself appoint a medication, especially if it concerns the non-prescription medicines. Mindful of the treatment regimen prescribed by the doctor a couple of years ago, a person can repeat it without further consultation. But it does not comply with rules and dosage administration. Moreover, the composition and active agents in drugs may vary. But for some diseases of derogation from the scheme can be very dangerous.

At the other extreme. The patient begins to feel better and stop treatment, despite the advice of a doctor. However, in diseases such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy is strictly prohibited.

Shortage of medicines also harmful as surplus. Taking another pill, you should always remember that we are talking about the most important thing in life - their own health.

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