This invisible dental floss

This invisible dental floss
 A visit to the dentist - unpleasant procedure. To these visits were only positive, you should carefully take care of the oral cavity. In addition to brushing and irrigator, be sure to use dental floss.

If we look at the history of dental supplies, dental floss - one of the earliest inventions. In those days, people used dried tendons of animals, grass and stems of plants. Only in the XIX century was patented method of cleaning teeth threads of raw silk. Later they began to use nylon threads that were more resilient and elastic.

In our time in the stores can be found as natural silk thread and artificial - nylon and nylon. The difference between them is only in the low since dentists argue that quality they differ little from each other. Modern dental floss are raised, rough, wax, flavored, etc. The choice is so huge that you can determine only by testing a few options.

Toothbrush never be able to clean between the teeth. But it is very important because these places are extremely sensitive to the formation of dental caries. Dental floss massages the gums, improving their circulation, and covers the interdental space with a special substance that kills bacteria and germs.

If you are new to using dental floss, it is possible that the first time you will be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. But soon you will not be able to do without it, always wearing a string bag. Use of thread is very easy: rewind reel from 30-40 cm and cut a piece of special tooth located on the box. Wind the thread on 2 index fingers and insert into the gap between the teeth. Make floss circular motion, capturing the entire inner surface between the teeth. Particular attention should be paid to the place of contact with the tooth gum. One movement you can hurt the gums, causing bleeding and discomfort.

Before using dental floss, consult a physician. In some diseases of the oral cavity dental floss can only do harm. The use of dental floss is recommended at 10 years of age. So you keep your teeth healthy and strong!

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