Natural hair shine

Natural hair shine
 Unfavorable external factors, bad ecology, errors in diet, stress, endless styling, coloring - all factors that hair loses shine and splendor. To restore a perfect shine of hair, enough to eliminate all of the above in a woman's life. Unfortunately, it is hardly possible. But the ways to return the shine to the hair and it does not fall out of life there.

There are numerous factors that make the hair lose splendor and radiance. Many of them can not be removed completely. But you can make your hair shine again without departure in the dead of the Siberian taiga and the transition to a subsistence economy.

To begin to understand what actually causes the strands to look healthy glow of health. This, of course, their texture. Hair is composed of scales, tightly pressed against each other and create a single surface that reflects light.

Any damage to the hair, improper care cause these flakes ridge in different directions, which makes hair brittle, brittle, stiff and lacking luster. This means that it is necessary to return the shine to align the texture of hair, close all the scales on its surface.

There are special tools - masks, balms, caring for hair. They are not only smooth but also hair solve other problems (elimination of the dryness, dandruff, and the like). Particularly effective means of containing jojoba oil extracts and chamomile, rosemary and proteins.

Sometimes, in order to regain the lost luster strands, just enough to start to wash the head. Too hot water will dry the hair, not too cold will wash them.

The optimal water temperature for washing the head lies in the interval 34-37 degrees. A great addition to washing the head becomes cool rinse hair decoction of nettle or water to which is added the vinegar or lemon juice.

Finally, the use of whey for the hair. Leave-on products applied to the hair, glue keratin scales, making the hair smooth and shiny.

By the way, dull hair can be the result of physical illness or the result of improper functioning of the scalp. In this case, better yet go to the doctor.

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