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 The reason for half of our colds, infections and fungi - disregard the rules of personal hygiene. JustLady recalls the situations in which you need to take care of oneself and why risky ... Where can I pick up germs and how dangerous this can be avoided dating?

... Try cosmetics in the store

Apply probes only on your hands: 75% of testers contain harmful bacteria. "Intestinal infection - the most harmless, that can be picked up!

In oily environment foundation mites infest. And through the cracks on the lips lipstick from the previous women customers you can be transmitted herpes, hepatitis, and even HIV infection "- warns dermatologist Tatyana Elias.

... Drinking water from a bottle

Opinion that bottled water is harmless, is false. Scientists University Medical Center Nijmegen in the Netherlands investigated 68 brands of mineral water and 21 found microbes.

Office cooler is very dangerous: its rubber parts - ideal habitat bacteria. That during a flu epidemic cooler became a source of infection is sufficient to establish a water bottle with dirty hands. Therefore, people with weakened immune systems need to boil any water.

... Regularly go to the gym

Humid atmosphere gyms - a hotbed of dangerous infections. Dr. Deren Redi, a microbiologist at the London Clinic University College, took samples from the pens of trainers in the area and found a coin 132 million microbes - though on the surface, for example, a table of the average 16 million. Therefore, wash your hands after school, watch to exercise equipment and a solarium disinfected, do not go barefoot in the shower and skip workouts at the first sign of a cold or cold.

... Do a pedicure at the salon

There are requirements for sanitary epidemiological service disinfection of premises and tools in the salons. "Your job - to monitor their implementation. To avoid contamination from skin diseases, hepatitis, AIDS, the master has to work in rubber gloves, the workplace should be equipped with an ultraviolet sterilizer, and tools - processed after each client in a hot air oven "- explains specialist pedicure Victoria Bakhtin.

... To dine at your desk

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Arizona found that the desktop office employees significantly more bacteria than a toilet seat in the office tu¬a¬lete.

If each 1 cm square seats are 5 million bacteria, then in the same area of ​​computer keyboard - almost 21 million, and on the handset - more 25 million!

Compounding the situation is that women use hand cream and other cosmetics, which are so fond of microorganisms to multiply. So, putting an apple on the table, consider that you licked handrail on the bus.

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