How to relieve the pain in the critical days? Help massage, cheese and Warmer

How to relieve the pain in the critical days? Help massage, cheese and Warmer
 That's how the female body that once a month have to endure some discomfort associated with regular bleeding. Some women menstruation is completely painless, while others are forced to constantly suffer from pain and spasms. What to do?

Pain in this period are associated with cervical dilatation and rejection of the mucous layer. Process is not fast, and, unfortunately, require women patience and careful attention to your body. The most important advice - do not overdo it. During this period, your body especially needs rest and relaxation, so try to give it to him. Of course, when menstruation begins, many women do not feel able to do anything serious. But even for those lucky who do not have at this time is nothing special, this advice is also suitable - rest more. For the body of blood - even planned, but still stress, and therefore try at this time to surround yourself with care and comfort.

From pain and spasms perfectly helps simple massage of the abdomen and the sacrum and lower back. You can pat the abdomen in a clockwise direction - it will help reduce the pain a bit. Well, if you absolutely unbearable and I want to relieve the pain with something more serious than simple strokes, try to learn Chinese acupressure. The fact is that in the area of ​​the sacrum, lumbar and coccyx women are terms that are responsible for the condition of the pelvic organs, so pushing them correctly, you can get rid of even very severe pain in this area. Of course, to do this massage should not just so, and pre-reading the relevant literature.

Eat more calcium! Scientists have shown that a lack of calcium can influence the smooth muscle spasms and increasing the tone of the uterus. Therefore, a simple change in your diet during the premenstrual and menstrual periods, can save you from discomfort. Drink more milk, eat cheese and yogurt, and pain will be reduced and may disappear and all.

If you have not tried to use a warm heating pad during this period, be sure to try. Hot water bottles are now a wide variety. In order to apply to the lower abdomen during menstruation, ideal for children warmers. They are topped with soft material and very pleasant on the skin. Fill a hot water bottle with warm water is needed, and in any case not hot. Apply a warm compress to the lower abdomen for 15-20 minutes, you can remove the cramping pain and reduce spasms.

To feel better during menstruation, is useful in the period of premenstrual syndrome do their well-being and health. More walk in the fresh air, exercise and eat foods rich in iron and calcium. If you feel tired, do not overdo it and try, on the contrary, more rest and sleep better. If the pain is really very strong, and the amount of bleeding is accompanied by abundant and poor health and high temperature, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Do not take menstruation as a punishment from heaven, think that it is a natural part of your life, and another step to the monthly renewal of your body. Watch your health carefully and keep it!

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