How to experience stress

How to experience stress
 Little trouble accompany the person every day, but chronic stress leads to poor health and state of mind. Therefore it is necessary to avoid it by all means, or learn to get rid of its effects by using some tricks.
 Relax and get rid of stress will help meditation and relaxation technique. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply, imagining something pleasant. For four seconds, breathe, and exhale for six seconds. Yoga enables to reduce the respiratory rate, blood pressure and relieves muscle tension.

Bring the body into balance and exercise. Sport helps to throw out all the tension that had gathered inside. Select the most suitable type of Exercise: shaping, fitness, free weights, treadmills and exercise bikes. Engage in the study of dance. This will not only improve your figure, but also help to dramatically relieve stress.

Take a warm bath with a relaxing foam, oil or salt. Allow the water to wash off the accumulated stress and calm the nervous system. Make a nice body mask. Visit the pool, massage or spa. You will find harmony of your body and state of mind.

Communicate more with friends and family, share with them their problems and experiences. Remember how you used to be carried out with ease and fun time together. Support for loved ones to help cope with a stressful situation.

Try to go on a picnic with friends and spend a good time, because the nature gives strength and energy.

Drink soothing teas, brewed on camomile, valerian, motherwort. You can use tincture of these herbs. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat well. The diet should include foods that provide a lot of energy, that is a food rich in carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. But the sweet should be avoided, as this can lead to excessive weight and poor state of stress.

You should not get involved much alcohol, coffee and cigarettes, because they only dull the sensation, but does not solve the problem, on the contrary, aggravate it even more.

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