How to determine the usefulness of vitamin complex

How to determine the usefulness of vitamin complex
 Today in pharmacies presented a huge variety of vitamins and vitamin complexes. Just varies greatly and their price - some "Vitaminka" are the order of several thousand. Not to spend the extra money for a useless but expensive product, must be able to assess the level of usefulness of the drug. Yes, and it is good if these multivitamins?

The most affordable are monopreparations. The composition of these vitamins include one substance. This eliminates problems of assimilation, which can be observed in multivitamin complexes, substances which interfere with each other assimilated. For example, the presence of vitamin C blocks the vitamin B-12 and iron becomes less effective because of the calcium. Moreover, some substances during storage just begin to oxidize each other. If one vitamin, it is unlikely that it can have an influence on him.

But there is another side to the coin. If the body lacks calcium, it monoveschestvo perfectly cope with the task. But when prophylaxis is needed, the use of monotherapies completely unjustified. For example, a child needs daily 13 vitamins and 9 minerals. And no one will take twenty-two tablets daily.

Pharmaceutical companies do not cope well with the task of combining vitamins in the same complex. If the problem is solved by storing substances pretty easy, you just shove each Vitaminki into a separate capsule, but the question of their mutual substitution remains open. Each capsule shell dissolves in the gastric juices, again all the substances found in the stomach. The proximity of one another vitamin may initiate an allergic reaction (eg, B1 and B12 are totally incompatible and become strong allergens only when found).

All multivitamins close in composition, highlight the need for a particular element can only physician. For the prevention will fit almost any drug.

Solve the problem only mnogotabletochnye complexes in which incompatible substances are in different tablets. They are taken at different times of the day and do not occur in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, this vitamin is a set of hypoallergenic.

Remember that the effect of multivitamins part, although they are much more convenient than mnogotabletochnye complexes. If you need full prevention, it is best to choose a major complexes that are taken several times a day. Multivitamins will be handy if you want to take a pill once a day only. Choosing convenience you sacrifice performance, but what is more important - take your pick. If the balance of vitamins in the body all is well, then prevention can approach any drug.

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