Hidden signs of age

Hidden signs of age
 Any woman, especially after 30 years, he tries not to focus on their age. And modern cosmetics allow the fair sex to hide their age. However, the real issue age may not only face. The woman should be aware of this and know what to pay attention in the first place.

If a person can sometimes deceive, the neck and décolletage can give the true age of the ladies. The neck is particularly sensitive to the effects of various negative factors on the skin in the neck and cleavage wrinkles appear easily with little care and feeding.

Pretty clear indicator of age are the eyes. Due to the fact that the eyelids have sebaceous glands, skin of the eyelids are very vulnerable to the effects of the environment. In addition, the aging of the skin of the eyelids contribute to numerous other factors, among which are the everyday stress, high levels of stress on the eyes (long-term work at the computer for a long read), decorative cosmetics.

Many of the age of a person can be said of his hand. Signs of true age are thin skin, a kind of uneven skin color, the presence of dark spots, as well as a manifestation of the veins. The main reason for such manifestation signs of collagen is an amount that decreases with age, as well as hormone levels.

Other signs of age are hair and teeth. Over the years, the hair volume becomes smaller due to exposure to the sun, the air, harmful water, various cosmetic agents, chemical exposure. Teeth over the years acquire a yellowish tint and blunted, however, the level of modern dentistry allows you to hide it well.

In addition, some scientists say that the woman's age can be recognized by her voice, as with age the elasticity of ligaments responsible for the voice is lost, resulting in a lower tone.

Any age can hide, but it is better not just take care of yourself with the help of cosmetics, you need to take care of their diet, lack of bad habits and a healthy lifestyle in general.

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