What should a woman eat

What should a woman eat
 Women, unlike men more demanding in to the consumption of food. This is due to high demands they place on their appearance. The formula "I am what I eat" for most women is the main guide to choosing foods.
 The main criterion for determining the diet of the modern woman is the low calorie foods, so as not to increase the volume of the body. Among the generally accepted low-calorie foods most useful are: cabbage, figs, grapefruit, pumpkin, asparagus, peppers. Aside from a small amount of calories (12 to 30 100 g) are fortified with vitamins and micronutrients. There is a product that besides low energy value has the ability to burn fat. This pineapple, but not canned version, and fresh fruit of the plant.

There is a group of products that contain substances beneficial effects on female physiology. These include flaxseed oil. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids have a positive influence on the mental state and eliminates depression. In addition it includes a so-called lignin, which can alleviate the symptoms of menopause, to reduce blood cholesterol. It is therefore desirable to various dishes to add one and two tablespoons of oil.

The diet should be every woman's milk and milk products. Also well-known proteins, and they comprise calcium fatty acid and bifidobacteria contribute to normalization of bowel. Untimely removal of metabolic products leads to a change in complexion, so regular consumption of yogurt and kefir helps preserve the healthy appearance.

Women becoming popular products containing antioxidants, protecting cells (or rather of the membrane cell) against harmful effects or reactions, which can cause excessive oxidation in the body. More antioxidants contain plant food: lettuce, garlic, pomegranate and others. Similarly, the effect of anti-aging skin and prevent the development of cancer have green tea and red wine.

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