What is sports nutrition?

What is sports nutrition?
 Sports professionals have achieved their success not only because of daily training, perseverance, desire to win. Due consideration should be given, and sports nutrition, as it is - the basis of success.

Athlete strives for victory, any indulgence is fraught with defeat in the competition. Harmful food, fast food, etc., that in ordinary life we ​​can imagine occasionally let in the diet athlete is prohibited.

The notion that the specialized sports nutrition, which is the basis of the diet of an athlete - a drug, wrong.

Sports nutrition does not harm the body, does not bear the side effects. Anabolic steroids are prohibited in sports, and sports nutrition - things are different.

Nutrition for Athletes - it's food, balanced protein, carbohydrates, fats, acids, minerals, vitamins. Uniform supply of all body cells with energy, involvement in sports is impossible without milk sugar, lactose. In milk whey lactose is maximal. Therefore, sports nutrition based on this product. Furthermore serum rich in B vitamins B, high quality protein, minerals. Specialty cocktails on the basis of serum must be regularly present in the diet of an athlete found a magic bullet, strengthen muscles, improve immunity, endurance of the whole organism.

Proteins for athletes - element number one. Without a balanced protein, no one can make 5 minutes and enhanced training. 15% of the energy to be generated due to protein nutrition.

L- carnitine is produced in our body due to the collapse of several amino acids. It is involved in several processes in the body, including burns fat and increasing muscle mass. For his generation athlete should eat food rich in iron, vitamin C, B. L - carnitine improves blood circulation. Sports nutrition should always contain the trace element, but it is produced through a complex biological patented process only if the product is considered to be useful.

Mineral water - the best way to restore the sodium-potassium balance disturbed during training, in connection with the active sweating. Mineral water during training, before and after, is required for each trainee's.

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