Useful properties of raspberry and black olives

Useful properties of raspberry and black olives
 Useful properties of raspberry and black olives not only improves the appearance of the human condition, but also have a positive effect on the performance of the internal organs and body systems. A positive effect is achieved only if the right of use of the product.

In raspberries contains a large amount of vitamins (C, PP, B1, B12) and trace elements (iron, copper, potassium) which are necessary for the normal functioning of the systems of the human body. Infusion of berries perfectly helps with colds. He easily reduce the heat due to the content of salicylic acid. To do this, 1-2 tablespoons dried raspberries to make a glass of boiling water and let stand. Contraindications for the use of such means is the presence of allergic reactions, kidney disease, gout.

Also used in raspberries Gastrointestinal disease, high blood pressure, and gynecological diseases. Effect is due to the fact that in raspberries contains substances that smooth walls of blood vessels, intestines and uterus. It should be noted that the raspberry does not lose its beneficial and healing qualities after heat treatment, so even raspberry jam can be an effective means to reduce the heat.

Olive is a food that is becoming more common on the table the average person. As a rule, the olives used to decorate various dishes or as a separate snack. But few know that the olives are very useful when used correctly.

Contents in olives unsaturated fatty acids stimulate cholesterol reduction in blood. Due to the content of essential oils, olives are widely used in the cosmetic industry and medicine, so part of the funds for skin rejuvenation.

Olives remove stones from the gallbladder and ducts.

Of course, any procedure should begin only after consulting with your doctor, as in certain diseases treatment may give the opposite effect.

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