Mineral water: composition, types of health benefits

Mineral water: composition, types of health benefits
 Mineral water has long been used as a maintenance therapy agent for various diseases. Its positive effects on the body due to the content of salts in its composition, and other useful chemical compounds.

Mineral water is usually extracted from wells, so it can be cold, warm and hot. From ordinary drinking water mineral water has high concentrations of salts. Depending on the concentration of the water can be - canteen (with salt concentration of less than one gram per liter of water), medical-table (the concentration of one to ten grams per liter of water) and therapeutic (salt concentration exceeds ten grams per liter of water).

Of course, depends on the amount of salt and taste of the water - if the water dining mineralization is almost not noticeable, the medicinal water has a very rich taste them.

The chemical composition of the salts contained in the mineral water may be different. There are six classes of mineral waters: bicarbonate, sulfate, chloride, magnesium, and other glandular.

Curative mineral water to take courses and only on prescription. Medical-table water you can drink from time to time as a normal drinking water and table water can be consumed daily.

There are a number of medical indications for the use of a particular mineral water. So, hydro relies water in the presence of urolithiasis. Sulfate water is useful for those who have liver problems, as well as diabetes and obesity. Chloride water prescribed for bowel problems and gall bladder. Magnesium water should be consumed at high stress loads and the propensity to seizures.

Since the action of mineral water on the body is similar to drug exposure, there are also certain contraindications to their use. For example, sulfate water is strictly forbidden to children and adolescents due to the fact that inhibits the growth of bones and chloride water can not be used for hypertension.

Note also that the mineral water is used not only for ingestion, but also for outdoor use. This trend in medicine is called "wellness." A number of diseases (primarily cutaneous) balneotherapy is even more effective than drug methods.

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