How to eat, but do not overeat?

How to eat, but do not overeat?
 From the point of view of the load on the digestive tract holidays - the real test. Traditionally, our tables groaning with the abundance of delicious and often high-calorie foods. I want to try something, and it is. It would seem that you take quite a bit, but in the end comes a time when there is an urgent need to unbutton his trousers or skirt.

It would seem easy - to control the amount of food consumed. In reality it is not so easy. The reason lies in the fact that the feeling of satiety comes a few minutes later than the saturation itself. That's why to get up from the table with recommended light feeling that could be something else to eat. However, there are some basic rules that allow it to consume as much food as needed.

The most important rule - drink half an hour before a meal or a glass of green tea a good mineral water. If observed, will be more likely to stop in time to avoid that unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the stomach, which comes from overeating.

The second rule: regardless of the range of dishes on the table, especially festive, start the meal with fruit or vegetable salad. Seems perfect salad that contains, among other ingredients cabbage.

The third rule - to send food to the mouth in small pieces. The brain as it fixes the amount of income and food just says "enough".

You can eat, but do not overeat when to avoid too spicy, salty and spicy food. Typically, such food causes an increased need of fluid that fills the volume of a stomach, intended for food. In ancient Chinese treatise describes this principle: one-third of the stomach - for food, the other - the liquid, the third must remain free, because it focuses the energy of the air. In our case, the principle of the Chinese sages violated as a result - indigestion and extra pounds.

In everyday life, it is also important to eat moderately and rationally. Mean results are as follows: B - 200g meal - 450 g, dinner - 250 g But it is important to consider the composition of food consumed (that is - proteins, fats or carbohydrates), and level of physical activity and health. Some diseases require reducing the size of portions, but the increase in the frequency of meals. To cure other ailments can be fasting days or famine. Of course, the diet should be prescribed by a doctor. But there is delicious, not overeating, is quite capable and ourselves.

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