Healing properties of metals

Healing properties of metals
 The ancient treatise "Chzhud-shek" contains information about metals. It states that gold prolongs life, making healthy elderly and protects against the harmful effects. Silver is useful in diseases of the joints and dropsy, wounds and various skin diseases. Copper - an excellent tool for the treatment of wounds, fever, liver and lungs, heals of consumption ... "

In our time, all of these ancient manuscripts checked by modern science, information studies fully confirmed. In gold, copper and silver ware water lingers long fresh - salts of these metals are killing different microbes.

In Tibetan medicine was also popular iron. Iron compounds were part of the drugs used by the liver toxicity and diseases of the eye.

The ancient believed that different metals are identical dice deities. The Egyptians believed the iron bones Mars Magnet - Mountain. Lead was the skeleton of Saturn, copper belonged to Venus.

Eliphas Levi described the magician in his vestments: "On Sunday, the day of the Sun, he was carrying a golden staff with ruby; Monday, lunar day, put him three strands: pearl, crystal and selenitovuyu; Tuesday, dedicated to Mars, he wore a steel rod and ring, and on Wednesday, the day of Mercury, wore a necklace of pearls and agate ring; Thursday, dedicated to Jupiter, and gave him into the hands of a rubber baton and a sapphire ring; Friday, the day of the goddess Venus, his wand was a copper and turquoise ring, crown - Beryl; Saturday, the day of Saturn, consistent with the rod, and onyx ring, a chain around his neck was out of a tin. "

Northern shamans used metal in his vestments. Figurines made of iron and copper, various bells and pendants were assistants of the shaman.

A ring of metal has always been a symbol of convergence and immortality, because the ring has no beginning and no end. Wedding ring meant that his master was in a state of equilibrium. Men's ring forged ahead of silver, and women - of gold.

People believed that the planets affect the body and by wearing jewelry made from the corresponding metals can heal itself. If you wear ironwork - it will help to anemia because the blood is related to the element iron. But if a person's blood is too much iron - decoration of metal antagonist of Mars will help him.

Lithotherapy - treatment of minerals which are in the form of powder taken orally, as a method that became popular in the Middle Ages. Now Russia conducted a study on the effects of metals on the body. It has been established that can treat skin diseases by applying a metal to the skin.

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