Eight myths about food

Eight myths about food
 During its rich history mankind has accumulated a large number of misconceptions about what foods are useful and which are not. Many facts about the food, which until recently were considered to be true, in fact, turned out to be common myths.

Myth №1. Snacking often harmful.

It is important to make your diet. If you dine at noon and midnight supper, then good for your health during this period to eat anything else. For example, fruits or nuts.

Myth №2. Fresh fruit frozen useful.

The stores are sold, usually fruits that have come a long way from harvest to the counter. And during this time they can not just be subjected to temperature changes and lose some of them are in vitamins. Conversely, frozen products are subjected to freezing at low temperatures, causing most of the nutrients and flavor retained.

Myth №3. In decaffeinated coffee no caffeine.

Decaffeinated coffee may contain up to 32 mg of caffeine per cup. Specified number, of course, less than in a normal coffee, but still harmful to people who have a breach in the body: arrhythmia, gastritis, ulcers, insomnia.

Myth №4. Of potatoes and pasta fat.

In no pasta, no potatoes in no fat. Such dishes are dangerous only when they are prepared with the use of high-calorie sauces and vegetable oil. In addition, the pasta from durum wheat even useful.

Myth №5. Black bread healthier than white.

Tanned bread does not mean that it is rich in fiber and healthier than white. Brown shade can give food coloring, and calorie content in both cases approximately the same. Much more useful bread containing cereals.

Myth №6. Need to eat up everything that is on your plate.

If it's a feeling of fullness, and the plate is still food, it is not necessary to force your body and overeat. This can only cause discomfort in the stomach.

Myth №7. Sweet - just for dessert.

After a hearty meal the process of digestion of food takes a long time, so the dessert can be permanently stuck in the stomach. It is better to eat sweets in between meals.

Myth №8. Of butter can be better, but not from the plant.

Caloric vegetable oil is higher than the calorie butter. If butter contains a small amount of water and protein in the plant - exclusively fats. True oil contains no cholesterol, and therefore is useful for vessels.

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