Butter, corn or sunflower?

Butter, corn or sunflower?
 Vegetable oils and animal fats are present in the daily diet of the person, but the usefulness of certain oils is often a cause for debate. Before the rash to exclude from its menu of any of the types of fat, you need to know why he needs the body.  

Butter, corn or sunflower? Maybe so popular today olive oil? All of them are important for the body because they have a unique composition.

The most familiar and accessible among other species - sunflower oil, the use of which is undeniable. This oil is quite easy to digest, contains nutrients and vitamins whole group. In this case, consumers need to know what ingredients oils of vegetable origin can not be in it cholesterol, so the inscription on the label of his absence, which makes some manufacturers, not more than a publicity stunt.

The advantage of vegetable oils that unsaturated fatty acids, which are included in their composition, normalize condition of the walls of blood vessels and allow the removal of harmful cholesterol. Regular consumption of oil assists in the prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Another kind of vegetable oils - corn, the use of which is almost higher than the sunflower. The tocopherol content, i.e. vitamin E in the oil is almost two times higher than the amount of all other vegetable oils, even in the olive. Has long been considered the last oil for beauty, as rejuvenates the entire body.

But oil and butter, which in recent years has unfairly sidelined by supporters of spreads and margarine, not less useful. Of course, calorie butter is high enough, but one sandwich a day will not harm. In pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, many believe that butter is a provider of harmful cholesterol. However, without the normal functioning of the body is impossible. Also in this product contains fat-soluble vitamins A and D, and many other useful substances.

Therefore, a rational approach to food is the most important, for each piece of droplets or oil should find its place on the table.

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