What we Herbs: Rating 8 most dangerous products

What we Herbs: Rating 8 most dangerous products
 You got food poisoning, and would only just have a tasty meal? Indeed, it is not the most pleasant situation. By taking a few precautions, you can avoid these situations. The US in San Quality Supervision medicines and food has compiled a list of risky products.

The riskiest product is street fast food. Monitor the preparation of each shawarma and hot dogs is simply impossible. How much power did not warn us - not to buy cheap street food as not fought for hygiene sausage tents - people will still continue to buy your own food at railway stations and near subway stations. Accordingly, the leak continues, and insure themselves against substandard shawarma or pie in this case is impossible, the only precaution in such cases - not to buy food that no one knows where and by whom prepared.

In second place - canned. Thanks to modern food technology, botulism is now - a rarity. But worn, swollen, and even dirty cans must alert you. Canned food stored in warehouses and not in cold rooms, so when depressurization packaging created the ideal environment for bacteria.

Also dangerous seafood, especially shellfish, as they move to a table almost raw, so that they are potentially rich in various pathogens. Safe only the fish that is cooked at a temperature of not less than 65 degrees Celsius and dishes that are prepared from thawed fish, as high and low temperatures kill the entire infection.

In fourth place - the bird. Defrost it can only be wrapped in plastic under cold running water. Under the hot defrost chicken is impossible, as the warm raw meat is very attractive for bacteria.

On the fifth line - the meat. Only heat treatment can guarantee that the meat from which you are going to cook, no one moved. Beef and pork should be cooked at a temperature of not less than 75 degrees Celsius. You can not defrost meat in the sink, because during defrost it may take a fancy to various microbes. If you have a microwave to defrost function, it is best to take advantage of it. If you do not have a microwave, then the day before cooking meat dishes, put the meat from the freezer to the refrigerator. With the possibility of contagion will help you cope spices - ginger, bay leaf, pepper and others.

In sixth place - the eggs. An adult can eat eggs, but the body of a child more susceptible to pathogens that adults will not do any harm. Therefore, if you want to feed your baby eggs, to begin with, make sure that the yolks and whites cooked up "cool" status.

Seventh place - greens. You have chosen to add to your salad dill or parsley? Be careful on the leaves can live peacefully Escherichia coli. Infection and can be washed off with plain water. But the only problem is that the beam of green hard to wash out from all sides. So do not take the time to wash the greens very carefully.

On the eighth place in the ranking of dangerous products - peanuts. Not so long ago in America was peanut scandal. About 700 people were hospitalized, 9 people died. And all this after they had eaten peanut butter, which had been infected with salmonella. During the investigation it was found that poisoning may be other products in the composition, including peanuts, ranging from cookies and chocolate paste and ending with cereals and muesli noodles.

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