Useful properties of dried fruit

Useful properties of dried fruit
 Nature gave man all that is needed for a healthy and fulfilling life. Dried fruit, which is set on the shelves of Russian stores, a storehouse of various vitamins and minerals.
 Discover the benefits of dried fruit, replace their usual (and very useful) sweets factory production. Dried fruits are natural products, in which there are no artificial additives. Moreover, they are available throughout the year. Not need to give your body in a sweet, just do not eat a piece of cake and a couple of dates, prunes or more. And it is pleasant, and the figure is not harmful.

Dried fruits contain useful sugars - fructose and glucose. From him is an increase in insulin levels, no hyperglycemic effect as from the candy store. A calorie dried fruit does more good than harm. It gives the body the vital energy, which you can spend on sports.

Raisins, for example, contains boron (serves as the prevention of osteoporosis), and manganese (useful for thyroid gland).

In Phoenicia contains almost the entire range of vitamins, they can treat colds.

Dried papaya helps to activate the protein metabolism, strengthens the immune system.

Ordinary pear prints from the body heavy metals and toxins. It contains the insoluble fiber, which leads to the normalization of the intestine.

Prunes normalize carbohydrate metabolism, making the body more resistant to stress. There are many B vitamins also helps in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Figs useful for the thyroid gland, is for the prevention of cancer. It consists of enzymes that stimulate the digestive process.

Source of potassium, iron, phosphorus, carotene, vitamin B5 (he, among other things, helps to burn fat in the body) is the usual dried apricots. It also restores the microflora of the stomach.

Cherry has a rejuvenating effect, helps to restore the connective tissue, since it is composed of anthocyanins and antotsianidy.

Several different stuff dried fruit a day will allow you to fill in the missing winter vitamins help the body to fight against various diseases.

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