Terms of healthy nutrition

Terms of healthy nutrition
 Healthy eating is called zdorovetvoreniem. Ideally, the dream of doctors and nutritionists - it is the food that heals. Study of this aspect is dedicated to more scientific papers, getting closer, scientists, doctors, nutritionists approach to solving the problem of food to simultaneously perform preventive role in many diseases. There authoring Russian researchers, creators of disease prevention projects dedicated to healthy eating, which have received international recognition.

The greatest value in food have fresh vegetable products (leaves and fruits, roots and seeds) growing in the geographical area of ​​residence of a man who consumes them. We should eat what grows around us. The man is in resonance with the energy plants of their region of residence. They are part of it.

Terms of healthy nutrition

You should not eat if you do not like. Digestion of the organism requires high energy consumption. Anorexic body is protected from energy waste to save it for internal cleansing. The day begins with a liquid rather than a meal. In the morning, drink herbal tea with honey or freshly squeezed juice. If that's not enough, you can eat porridge, cooked in water or with the addition of a small amount of milk. Milk does not boil or heat above 45 degrees, as this destroys the milk protein structures. You can not mix vegetable and fruit juices, vegetables and fruit. Their digestion is carried out by different enzymes.

Should not be taken at the same time a large number of different products. Pancreas easier to identify enzymes for the two products, rather than five. Dinner, start with the reception of carbohydrates and fats, protein and ends with food. Protein is digested in the stomach, while carbohydrates and fats in the following intestine - duodenum.

It is not necessary to wash down food sweet tea or other alkaline drinks that dilute the gastric juice. Iron will produce more hydrochloric acid, resulting in depletion and slow digestion. Drink an hour or two after a meal or 15-20 minutes before a meal, if the body lacks water. Any cooked dish eat raw salad vegetables and herbs that contain enzymes that help digest cooked food.

The human body needs all the mineral salts, so potatoes and other vegetables is better to cook on the grill over the steam to avoid the loss of mineral salts. Avoid concentrated fats and fatty foods. Excessive intake of fat in the body will be postponed and will raise blood cholesterol. Much cholesterol in cream, sour cream, meat, cheese, eggs, cakes and pastries with cream.

Not recommended fry foods. Water boils at 100 degrees, and fat - at 250 degrees, with the fat molecules are polymerized and become toxic, as foods that are fried therein.

Avoid sugar, it consists of simple carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed into the blood and require for their assimilation of many vitamins and insulin, which is necessary to develop the pancreas. Excess of it goes in the body fat. Increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Concentrated animal proteins absorbed by the body worse than plant proteins. Eat more legumes, cereal grains that contain protein useful to humans. Do not get carried away broth, there is too much cholesterol.

With age, reducing the need for high calorie foods. When a person grows, it needs more energy, and food should be more caloric than in adulthood.

Do not rush meals. Thorough chewing solid food is directly proportional to lengthen life.

The general principle of power, aimed at a healthy lifestyle - a reduction in its content of products that may be poorly absorbed by your body.

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