Products for separate power supply

Products for separate power supply
 The system of separate food was offered in 1928. It was formulated and substantiated the American physician Robert Sheldon. However, it is not immediately gained fame and popularity, but only - closer to the middle of the second half of the twentieth century. Sheldon proposed to divide the food into several categories and establish a connection between them on the principle of "compatibility / unacceptable."

Even any of the combinations allowed the classification of Sheldon - just not in favor of a compromise quality digestion. Any complex combinations are obviously more flawed than similar separate use. This is due to mixing of enzymes which are part of a food product. The more entangled and mixed dissimilar enzymes, the more the efficiency of the process of digestion.

There are other factors that are not in favor of mixing. For example, for protein products in specific gastric secretion occurs. But at the same time significantly destabilized in the presence of fat in the stomach of food. As a result, underfermented protein products entering the intestine, provoking him to putrefaction and processes of alcoholic fermentation.

Releasing a publication his book "Ortotrofiya" Sheldon formulated in it the following rules:

1. The food, mostly containing carbohydrates and foods containing acid, can not be used at a time. Potatoes, bananas, flour and other are not combined with tomatoes, citrus, pineapple, currants, cranberries, etc.

2. It is unacceptable joint use of concentrated carbohydrates and proteins. For protein include seeds, nuts, animal products. Concentrated carbohydrate called Sheldon dishes grains - cereals, bakery products, including shops, as well as sweet fruit.

3. The combination of two protein concentrates unacceptable. For example, seafood and nuts, cheese and meat.

4. Fats and proteins - another class of products, unfriendly to digest at one time. This combination, for example, meat and oils, nuts and cream.

5. It is forbidden to use co-protein foods and acidic fruits.

6. unfavorable combination of starchy foods with sweet, as it creates unrest and possibly even a slight poisoning.

7. Different types of starches are unfavorable for mixing in the stomach. For example, cereal or potato bread.

8. Power melon fruit does not allow them to mix with other products.

9. If you can not quite give up the milk, then receiving it should be separate from other foods. It is not digested in the stomach, but only in 12 duodenal intestinal tract, and inhibits gastric secretion, which leads to gastric digestive difficulties for other products.

Presented at the illustration shows the evaluation of various combinations of foods.

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