In defense of fat, or about modern Lipophobia

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 Among the various phobias that a person can experience, in the first place all the more confident out ... no, not fear of spiders or fear of staying in an enclosed space. Increasingly, you can meet people who are suffering Lipophobia. By definition, this disease is associated with a fear of fat and fatty foods. Is it justified the denial of fat, as it tries to describe the media and whether you can deal with Lipophobia?

Oddly enough, Lipophobia exposed not only representative of the female population of the planet, but the valiant men. Manifestations of the disease can be very different. Someone is mainly expressed dissatisfaction in its own weight and appearance and flows into the maniacal desire to lose weight. Other begin to fundamentally limit yourself in everything that contains fat, since objectively harmful food such as French fries and gradually excluded from the list of permitted even quite useful and necessary for human food - cheese, milk, cottage cheese.

Regardless of the form, which takes Lipophobia consequences for all the same and dangerous. If you are faced with this disease, it will have a negative impact primarily on your psycho-emotional sphere. Came under the influence Lipophobia expect breakdowns, depression, increasingly long periods of bad mood. Life dies and is painted in dark tones. From all this it is already possible to see that the avoidance of fat does not lead to anything good. Try to look from the other side: it required the use of fatty foods leads to poor or can not afford to give up sweets of various kinds?

And the first thing we have to remember - this is what our body needs in a number of nutrients and vitamins, among which including fats. They carry 30% of the energy that your body has to get, that is almost one-third! Depriving themselves of food containing fats, you are depriving yourself and part of activity. In addition, thanks to a certain margin of this material, we can easily survive the winter months. We are required to learn just what fats are useful and easily digestible, and there are - harmful. And only need to give up the latter. In this case, no one requires you to completely eliminate them from your diet - you can quite afford to indulge in harmful food, if you do it too often.

The main thing - do not feel guilty. The main source of all your troubles - the thoughts that arise in your mind. Constant reflection on the quality and quantity eaten will increase the likelihood that even low-fat yogurt suddenly manifest extra pounds. Conversely, allowing himself to have fun, you spend energy on a splash of positive emotions and save (and perhaps improve) its shape.

The last thing that should be mentioned - these are the ideals of beauty, which are often the cause of Lipophobia. But in fact they do not exist and can not exist. A truly attractive only the girl, and only the young man might be interested in the beautiful ladies who feel confident and comfortable in my body. And no matter how much their hips or waist, in proportion as they are folded. We are attracted to each other due to psychological laws, and physical condition - only apparent. And this is the reason that replacing themselves and their world-view picture from a magazine blonde increasingly bored alone at the bar than, perhaps, a few plump, but beaming with happiness and relaxed charming girl.

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