Caviar: A Moveable Feast

Caviar: A Moveable Feast
 Everyone remembers the eponymous fragment from the film, when they showed the range of caviar on the royal table? Some truth in this was. Eat with a spoon sturgeon and salmon caviar was not something from the category of surprising. But the delicacy was pike caviar.

Now partially passed the time when red caviar was deficient, and it was bought exclusively on holidays. You can afford to eat a sandwich with her or treat their children without thinking about what your finances can suffer so much because of this weakness.

Manufacturing steps caviar strictly regulated. Deviation may entail as a change of taste, so damage to the product.

The special features include the presence of caviar microelements (30% protein and the absence of carbohydrates), vitamins A, D, E and group B, calcium, phosphorus and lecithin. 240-270 is also calorie kcal / 100 g, which is higher than that of milk and meat.

According to GOST salmon caviar is divided into two classes. The characteristics of the first are:
 - Breed fish must be one (pink, Sims, chum);
 - Eggs should be uniform in color and have a strong grain, without other flavors, has a pleasant aroma (heterogeneity and bitter taste is allowed only for coho and sockeye salmon caviar);
 - The presence of broken eggs and sludge is unacceptable;
 - The value of the concentration of salt - 4-6%.

The characteristics of the second grade include:
 - Eggs can be composed of different species of fish;
 - May have a bitter or spicy flavor (as smack sludge);
 - Possible presence of broken eggs (as grain weak), and as a result - the presence of sludge and viscosity;
 - The salt concentration can be up to 8%.

Shops are full range of red caviar, which gives rise to the problem of choice. Keep in mind when buying a barrel of caviar that store it harder than canned beer, resulting in warehouses, it can go bad. Cases and selling cask caviar with sludge. In turn, the banks sealed package eliminates the possibility of bacteria. Too bad that you can not see the contents of the tin (unlike glass). But you have to see the conditions of release on the label.

Houses spawn after opening banks must hold no more than six days on the coldest shelf (not the freezer) to maintain its optimum temperature storage (-4 to -6 ° C).

Eggs on the table is often served in a glass ikornitse, which stands on the ice podikornitse. If fun was delayed, ikornitsu can cover small cap. It is usually served caviar champagne or wine. By the way, do not forget that it is best to eat, scooping spoon (preferably silver, to taste is not interrupted), and without bread. It can be supplied in the form of small sandwiches, using a thin, dried by toasted slices of bread, a small piece of butter and laid on top of cooled caviar beads. Then the taste of butter and bread will not interrupt the taste of caviar.

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