Range of vehicles to drive than the stars

Range of vehicles to drive than the stars
 Each person has their own tastes, guided by them, he chooses for himself this or that thing. For example, a car. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a free choice in the automotive market and are content with what lack of finance. Stars in this regard are much more opportunities, because their income is much higher than that of ordinary people.
 Stars, as ordinary people, may be conservative or radical in the choice of their cars. Sometimes they change them like a glove, every month, cutting on a brand new car. But most automobiles still remain the same for months or even years.

Celebrities all countries behave almost identically. They choose the stylish and reliable cars, good, there are plenty to choose from. Many famous people prefer the German brand cars, such as Audi or Mercedes. This is not surprising, because these machines have always been famous for their reliability and quality. They produce large concerns, which have been known for more than a decade. Make Mercedes used by many both domestic and foreign stars. For example, Lindsay Lohan leads stylish and elegant Mercedes-Benz SL550, while Jude Law slimmer - Cabrio. The same brand, only made on special order, enjoy Alla Pugacheva, Tina Turner, Enrique Iglesias. The stars of the national football also pay tribute to German quality. Andrei Arshavin - Mercedes-Benz GL500, and Igor Akinfeev Mercedes-Benz ML350.

Audi brand prefer too many domestic and foreign stars Sienna Miller with her Audi TT, Daniel Craig with the Audi S6, Luzhkov, Alain Apina, Valeria, Vlad Topalov and many others.

Of course, among the stars, there are people who want to stand out at all costs. For example, Philip waited more than a year, will be established until the car of his dreams - a penalty Hummer Ultra Reincarnation. It almost everything was done by special order. For example, the acoustics in this car is absolutely amazing - anywhere in the passenger compartment is formed right sound field. Of course, the design of this car is absolutely extraordinary: black mirrored ceiling, inlaid with natural mother of pearl, white leather upholstery and more.

The original is the choice of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He always preferred a certain brand - Hummer. One of his all machines - this army armored version, which is definitely not as easy to move around the streets. But at the solid men and the vehicle must be properly!

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