Pop queen Madonna

Pop queen Madonna
 Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone was born August 16, 1958 in the United States in the city of Bay City, Michigan. Future star grew up in poverty, soon lost his beloved mother, but still succeeded thanks to his talent and perseverance. Recently pop queen has been named one of the highest paid singers, its earnings from 2000 to 2011 amounted to 373 million dollars.
 Childhood future pop queen passed in Pontiac. Her mother a homemaker and raised six children. Madonna's father worked as an engineer at the plant. Mother of singer died because of cancer when the future star was only five years old, and his father a few years later married the former maid Joan Gustafson. The whole family (in future pop queen had seven relatives and half-brothers and sisters) soon moved to Rochester Hills.

Madonna was in high school and went to the ballet studio. After high school and receive dance education at Michigan State University she moved to live in New York. Material no one helped her, and the money earned barely enough for a miserable existence. The future star was cloakroom, seller donuts, pose for artists and photographers.

In 1982, Madonna became a drummer in a rock band Dan Gilroy. After some time, she learned guitar and decided to try himself as a singer. One year later, she released her first solo album Madonna with the compositions of his own. In 1984, the next album Like a Virgin brought her worldwide fame and popularity.

In 1985, Madonna was married to actor Sean Penn, who was known for his violent temper. However, just such traits and attracted the singer. However, the long endure the antics of his wife Madonna could not and four years later left her husband. New chosen Ciccone 10 years later became a British film director Guy Ritchie. Already in 2000, Madonna married him. Eight years later, a talented director and a popular singer announced their separation.

Almost 30 years the composition of the Madonna led most influential charts and enjoy the love and recognition of fans from around the world. A brilliant show as part of touring pop queen has visited tens of millions of people. Star modern scene more than once starred in the films, but not all, of its role received benevolent assessment by audiences and critics alike, except in the musical "Evita." For his role in this motion picture Madonna was awarded the "Golden Globe".

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