Natalia Freidin. The woman behind the wheel

Natalia Freidin. The woman behind the wheel
 Many men believe that a woman behind the wheel - a monkey with a grenade, that a woman's place in the kitchen. But in fact, women have some features that make them on the part of driving can outdo some men.  

Of course, women and men run the car in different ways. The vehicle behavior in extreme situations, the reaction rate, the ability to concentrate - it all depends on the floor. But the differences in outlook regarding traffic give women some advantages.

Natalia Freidin - Russian autoracer pilot racing series Formula JK Racing Asia Series - one of the most respected and well-known racing series in the region. Acts as the team MERITUS GP since 2010, the only representative of Russia in the championship Formula JK Racing Asia Series. Meritus GP team in the 2011 season will be performing 6 pilots.

Since childhood, has been interested in racing and in general to the latest and auto-sport. She graduated from the school of driving skills Tsygankov, passed an individual course of extreme driving school Alexander Grachev (Extreme Drive). Then he had an idea to try yourself in the professional motorsports began karting. In 2010, the age of the youngest daughter Natalia allowed to continue his studies more professional motorsports. Natalia Freidin become a pilot of the championship Formula BMW, but unfortunately in 2010 was the last for the Formula BMW Europe, in this connection, it was decided to go to the Pacific series - Formula BMW Pacific. The choice fell on the team MERITUS GP, as it is the leader in the region.

Showing excellent results in the first test, it is among the five most promising novice pilots of his team. With the advent of the world of professional motorsport, women who were able to assert themselves as a professional racer, not so much. Already in his debut season Natalia relatively quickly able to show stable time. In Formula JK Racing Asia Series participates under the name Natalie, with the image of a Russian flag on the car.

And it's not the only woman racing driver, for example, Ellen Lohr - autoracer German, Spanish racer Giovanna Amati. Most likely, the men are just jealous, critical of the women behind the wheel because women less likely to get in an accident, are more care and more calm.

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