Channing Tatum: eagle spread its wings

Channing Tatum: eagle spread its wings
 Role in the historical drama "The Eagle of the Ninth Legion" was for the American actor Channing Tatum next breakthrough in his career. "The eagle spread its wings" - critics unanimously noted, looking at the young Roman centurion Marcus Aquila by Tatum.
 Channing Tatum grew up in the American heartland - his childhood took place first in the small town of Cullman Alabama, and then on a farm in the Mississippi River. Tatum's parents were simple people, and he himself did not think about Hollywood career. Like most American boys, Channing was fond of baseball and rugby, and in high school he became a member of the football team Tampa Catholic High School Florida.

Despite the opportunity to go to college thanks to the outstanding sporting success of further education Channing Tatum refused. He soon began himself to earn a living, not stopping at this for a long time on any of the works. In a few years time to visit and seller of clothing, and a mortgage broker, and builder, and even ... a dancer at a strip club. Subsequently, the paparazzi were trying to make a sensation of this fact, but the unflappable Tatum did not hide anything, and even told the press that he wants to ever remove the autobiographical film about the everyday life of a young stripper.

As often happens in America with cute guys and figure skaters, Channing was invited to the show business from the street. Assistant director, filming the video for Ricky Martin came to Tatum and offered some money. Long to persuade former dancer was not necessary: ​​the promised $ 400 for it was then a considerable amount.

After appearing on the television Channing began to receive invitations to promotional shoot; soon signed a contract with him a modeling agency, and pictures athletic young man with the typical appearance of a Man in the street flashed in Vogue. And in 2004 Channing try on another profession - acting. He played a few bit parts in TV shows and movies, but remained on the sidelines for long. Comedy "She - man! "And the musical melodrama" Step Up "made from Tatum star of the first magnitude.

For a long time he was in the role of a simple guy, especially brave face Channing was a soldier's uniform: he tried it in the drama "Stop-Loss" and "Dear John." However, in 2011, directed by Kevin Macdonald decided to take a chance and make Channing Roman aristocrat. The venture was a success: the historical drama "The Eagle of the Ninth Legion" was successful and profitable project, and Tatum was critically acclaimed "eagle spread its wings."

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