Worst diet world: a lot of noise and nothing good

Worst diet world: a lot of noise and nothing good
 The British Dietetic Association announced the list of the most harmful stellar diets. Experts believe that the worst thing a woman can do if you want to lose weight - is to use one of the following methods.  
 Dukan Diet

The creator of this diet is Dr. Pierre Duke it turns out, was the power supply system, which does not have "no scientific basis", so say researchers from the British Dietetic Association (BAA). Longtime fans of the program: Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Middleton and Tatiana Rogachenko. Dukan Diet has 5 stages, the first of which should be completely excluded from the diet carbohydrates, on the second - to enter into the diet of vegetables, and follow the recommendations for consolidation. Pierre Ducane adhere to this technique encourages a lifetime supply to permanently maintain an optimal weight. At the same time he believes that his system can cause problems with the lungs, the digestive process complexity and lack of energy.

Low-fat diet

This technique is based on the weight loss minimizing the amount of normal food, but absolutely not prohibit drink alcoholic beverages. Such a diet is popular among top models, because they need to be thin and still attend as a party where alcohol "flows like water."

Blood group diet

Star groupies of this diet are Cheryl Cole and Courtney Cox. We sit on this diet, weight is reduced by the consumption of a limited number of calories, but also overweight goes and calcium. So stick to the power supply system for a long time prohibited.

Raw food diet

This way of eating practice Demi Moore, Natalie Portman and Woody Harrelson. The gist of it is that we need to eat food or wet or exposed to minimal heat treatment. Furthermore, the use is permitted and homogenized unpasteurized dairy products. Fat and calories with such diet body practically does not, but the calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and proteins as well.

Baby food

Infant food respected Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. The power supply system consists of 3 variants: the first - there is no more than 14 jars of baby food a day; the second - with the baby food you can afford one "adult" meal and a third - to eat baby puree while snacking. This diet is based on controlling portion sizes and calorie restriction.

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