The "line of the body"

The "line of the body"
 Women who dream to lose weight, exhausting your body rigid diets, exhausting workouts. It should be noted that this approach to weight loss is totally wrong. There authoring program, which is called the "line of the body." With its help, you can throw a few pounds in just a few days.
 Author program "Line of the body" includes several types of activities. This includes the northern (Nordic) walking. This sport has been used for many years, he is walking with ski poles. Besides the fact that these studies will help throw off the weight, they will improve heart and lung function, and help solve problems with posture. This type of training is more effective than regular walking, because in the course of employment are utilized more than 90% of the body's muscles. In addition to this is actively burning calories. This type of foot has no contraindications, exercises can be practiced at any time of the year.

This program includes exercises and method of Joseph Pilates. This system includes exercises for flexibility of the body, in the course of employment by the mild load on the muscles. In this way you become more flexible and graceful. In addition rejuvenates your body, you learn to control your breathing, improves posture. If you have joint problems, engage in Pilates is possible only with a doctor's permission.

If you wish to engage in the program "Line of the body", be prepared to dance practice. During the course you will become more relaxed, mobile. Dancing - this is what will cheer you up and give unforgettable emotions.

Moving meditation is also included in the above program. You learn to control your emotions, begin to achieve maximum effect by controlling thoughts.

In addition to physical activity program includes and beauty treatments such as seaweed wraps. All these steps are aimed at reducing the weight and improving skin elasticity. Catching up on the program "The line of the body," you not only podkorrektiruete figure, but cheer up and get a lot of positive emotions!

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