Effective diet for liver

Effective diet for liver
 Modern civilization, mankind has an enormous amount of wealth. But along with the positive aspects, side by side, as it always does, and go negative. Unhealthy environment, improper and unbalanced diet, poor quality products, it is only a small part of what we have to deal. A barrier between all this "outrage" is the liver. Of course, in addition to protecting the liver also performs a huge number of functions and regulation of this process of digestion, and participation in the development of blood cells. As you can imagine, it protects our body day and night. So let's not make it difficult to work and try to help!

The most important thing - it's a proper diet. During the day, the liver passes through about 2,000 liters of blood, in truth huge load! And that enters our stomach, and then the blood flows into tight control of hepatic cells.

Many products make it difficult for the body. Try to limit the indigestible animal fats. Do not overload the liver fried, smoked and spicy dishes too. Precautions to Take cakes, pastry, cakes. Do not lean on fresh bread. Limit sour berries (cranberries, lingonberries), as well as spinach and sorrel. Avoid alcohol, strong coffee, and highly carbonated beverages!

And what to eat? The liver is in need of easily digestible protein, vitamins and minerals. Useful lean meats: beef, chicken, fish, but boiled or steamed. Try to where it may replace the sugar with honey. Liver loves raisins, prunes. Diversify the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, with the exception of acid.

Useful grapefruit, pumpkin, peaches, broccoli, zucchini. Of low-fat dairy products and cheese curds and milk of course. Very useful cereals, especially oats and buckwheat.

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